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Book Review: MediaWiki Administrators’ Tutorial Guide

by on July 2, 2012

Hello, I’m here to review a book on MediaWiki, which we’re using at the Knowiki.  My post on how that came to be is here.

This is a very good tutorial guide to installing MediaWiki, the software that runs Wikipedia. It takes the user from beginning to end – deciding what you want to do, installation, maintenance, and security.

The book is available in e-book, PDF, and paperback formats.   The e book format is much cheaper than the paper format.  I had a hard time with the ebook format on my nook, but the PDF opened just fine.

Written in 2007, the book covers version 1.9.0, so it’s slightly out of date, but the fundamentals are covered very well.  It assumes you have at least a junior-level systems administrator’s knowledge of how to install a web server, MySQL, and PHP5.  Some command line help is provided, but if you’re depending on very basic step by step instructions, go by MediaWiki’s updated instructions for the version you’ve decided to use.

From installation(Chapter 2), you progress to navigation, uploading, arranging, categorizing, and administration, all the way to customization and maintenance.  If you’re stout-hearted, there’s even chapters on “hacking” your installation (Chapter 9 & 11).

Throughout the book there are helpful hints about conventions and invitations to stop and consider how you are going to organize your wiki.

You can use the book as reference for “How To” as well as a step by step guide for learning or teaching.  I highly recommend this book.


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